2D Game Collision Detection title

Are you wondering how 2D collision detection in video games works? If so this book is made for you.

Determine shot impacts, find out which enemies are covered by lines of sight, recognize collisions of race cars or simply check if the mouse cursor floats above a button.

This book explains:

  • 2D vector mathematics,
  • how to spot collisions of various 2D shapes,
  • simple yet effective representation of game objects,
  • identifying crashes of objects in motion and
  • plenty of optimization tricks

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It is written for beginners, new to the topic of geometrical 2D collision detection. There are plenty of illustrations and code examples which make it easy to understand the necessary concepts and algorithms.

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The book is also designed to serve as a reference guide for looking up specific 2D collision detection functions. So it is useful for advanced game programmers as well.

The only prerequisite you need is basic knowledge in procedural programming. If you are familiar with any popular programming language like C, C++, Java, C# or Objective-C you have all you need to understand the code examples.


Many already bought the book. Here are some of their voices:

Wonderful book! Thanks for taking the time to explain this :)
- William Golden

This [book] has been a valuable resource for writing and improving 2D collision detection routines. It is much clearer than a lot of the similar articles you can find on the internet.
A brilliant starting point for new game developers.
- Mike Hodgkinson

Short an concise with great code examples. A great reference for just about any 2D collision detection you want to do with a good review of the basics.
- Zulu

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